– get everything in one place: on the platform, you will be able to complete a number of services that will save you time and money – buying products, services, simplified ordering, booking …
– easy access to professionals, rated by actual customers
– get offers with just one click
– get rewards for the evaluation of professionals
– get rewarded for recommendations to friends
– obtain lower prices of products and services
– get paid in cryptocurrency, simply and efficiently
– make bookings and reservations for cosmetic services, catering services as well as other activities
– have many online stores in one place
– access to verified, quality products labeled 3Gloco

Users will play an important role on the 3Gloco platform. In addition, pooling professionals together brings savings, and users create additional traffic. 3Gloco enables the creation of an information base for a very affordable and personalized offer, supported by modern information technology and payment methods.
A customer can, with an easy-to-use application, gain access to the quality professionals he needs. The platform enables you to search for professionals according to activity, proximity and a coefficient price / quality. This is all determined by final customers who evaluate the finished service and price, which brings trust back to choosing the right professionals.

By providing key benefits such as QUALITY, COMPETITIVE PRICE, and SPEED, we are confident that customers will return to the 3Gloco platform, again and again.

What is waiting for them on the platform?
· An easy to use platform: one that offers accessibility and ease of use
· Local and global delivery: All one-stop shopping – live and online
· Modern payment methods: with coins
· Additional earnings: adding new customers and professionals, and promotion

It’s true, the platform will reward users and professionals for bringing in new users.
Not only professionals, but customers also strive for things of key importance, among which are also savings of time and money.
Saving time today is just as important as saving money. At first glance, to find a professional we need for a service is not that difficult. Almost in every area, there are more and more professionals. The problem arises when we need quality, when we want the work to be done at the highest level. We are looking for ideas, talking to friends, acquaintances, relatives … Are they really familiar with every area that we may need? The answer is clear – it is IMPOSSIBLE.
3Gloco can quickly become our best friend when it comes to advice. It saves time, as it will bring together hundreds and thousands of professionals in one place, who will not only be there because they have paid for their presence, but also because their services are of a high quality. How are we going to provide this? Users of their services will rate them. How will we ensure the transparency of the evaluation? With blockchain technology that prevents duplication and the unwanted changing of transcripts.

Money saving: everything starts and ends with money. We look for discounts; there are a lot of professionals on platforms with different coupons that allow lower prices of services and products. It’s a great idea, but we should also see things from the side of the customer when a problem arises. What problem?Quality.

Sometimes we get less than we paid for, even if we got a 50% discount. Users of the 3Gloco platform will get the lowest prices from the professionals in their city, but the services will not be of a lesser quality. Exactly the opposite is true – professionals will have to ensure the highest quality level in order to maintain their place on the platform. 3Gloco will only include those professionals who meet the required quality, accessibility and price criteria no matter where they come from. The inception is a verification system that will be the basis of choice, it being the result of the knowledge of top international business strategists.
Easy to use: computer literacy exists at different levels. Many of those who use computers every day for various purposes can quickly find the professional they need, who will not always be of high quality. On the other hand, many people are not so skilled with a computer so 3Gloco will allow them to easily reach the desired professionals. The platform will be designed to be easy-to-use and, more importantly, available at any time.