There was probably a good reason why you chose to start your own business and why you do what you do today. Perhaps the motivation behind it all was that you really mastered it; it may have been that you wanted to earn more than just an average monthly salary and you knew that with this business, your goal could be achieved. Maybe there was something else. The reason is not important, but it is important that your business makes you happy, otherwise it will be difficult to progress — to some extent it will happen, but sooner or later it will stop. So, if you want more than just mediocracy, no matter what you do, do what you look forward to. Make a business out of it. And then, you are halfway there.

Članek je na voljo tudi v slovenščini TUKAJ.

You are ready to adapt on your way to success

If your business makes you happy and you are ready to do everything in order to succeed, you must also be ready to adapt. This may also mean that the structure of your business is completely clear and at some point, logical, feasible. But then, you come to the realization that by changing the structure of the business, the way of organizing work, or otherwise selling, you can achieve better results. What was going on yesterday may not work anymore today — the needs of individuals and the market are constantly changing. So, you have two choices — persist with the original structure of your business, or make radical changes and start achieving your goals more rapidly. This requires change. Heraclitus said it well: the only constant in life are changes. Business is a part of our lives.