Problems and Challenges of Today’s Professionals

Today, professionals, whether ones with small companies having a few or even no employees, or ones with large companies having hundreds or thousands, have mastered their business. But unfortunately, the fact that you become a professional to lead a business, a group of people, selling services or products is not enough. You need to have many other skills, experience, and tools if you want to stay a step ahead of your competition. The bigger you are, the more successful you can be in your field, and as such, you can strengthen your staff or afford to pay for experts in the fields of finance, marketing, recruitment, strategic planning, law and much more. This is all but a drop in the ocean with respect to the obligations a professional faces, and there are few and far between who are able to master it all – in addition to their primary activities.

What does 3Gloco bring for professionals?

– Sales: a greater choice and access to more competitive distributors, acquiring business within the industry, organizing work using simple tools, the option of expanding their business
– Finance: receiving and issuing invoices, managing liquidity according to planned inflows, a reminder system for due invoices for both the professional and the customer, as well as simple business tools.
– Marketing: their own website or profile within the platform, local visibility, the possibility of exclusive coverage of a territory, raising credibility through a rating system, advertising, and marketing activities within the platform as well as beyond it.
– Personnel: regulation of HR capacities (share a deal), access to a potential workforce, staff verification, an online job organizer for the whole company (depending on the deal of staff)
– Communications: setting up tools for effective communication with customers (purchase, reclamations, compliments, etc.), ordering services with the help of an interface that will be adapted to individual activities, a search engine for best offers.

The professionals at 3GLOCO are able to meet the needs of the individual, both in the form of products and services. We as people have different skills; entrepreneurs have different skills and are usually experts in only one area – the industry in which they operate. Market development, digitization and modern modes of operation have led to the need for entrepreneurs to increasingly specialize in their primary activities. But this does not mean that they have to disregard everything else. The fact that you become an entrepreneur to lead a business, a group of people, selling services or products is not enough. You need to have many other skills, experience, and tools if you want to keep up with or be a step ahead of the competition.
Usually, the professional is left to the ingenuity of individuals or organizations, or requires inclusion into large sales and advertising systems that take autonomy in determining prices and conditions with respect to using discounts.

What a professional wants in offering products or services is to:
1. Have a more competitive position on the market
2. Have knowledge and awareness about potential problems and the ability to act preventively
3. Improve or facilitate the organization of their operations
4. Have quality distribution and purchasing channels
5. Have access to relevant information

3GLOCO, a high-tech web platform, enables the optimal organization of business processes for professionals of various activities and to a large extent ensures an exclusive presence online, either at the level of the local community, nationally or globally. It represents an ideal solution for every professional, regardless of activity. It rationalizes non-core activities and the time needed to resolve challenges while allowing processes to connect within the scope of the primary business activity. All this in order to optimize time, save money and increase business activities, allowing for new, high-quality opportunities.
Imagine having your office in your pocket, besides which having the necessary tools to bring you into contact with key people – distributors on one side and users on the other. All of this with much less effort than ever before and especially in a much shorter period of time.
We will gradually add more tools for even more efficient operations e.g. in stages of development.