3GLOCO enables and encourages the optimization of business operations at the levels of personnel, marketing, sales and administration in a way that offers quality information and tools that help the individual (entrepreneur, company) in furthering their business and planning their work.

The main members of 3GLOCO are:

  • Distributors (suppliers of professionals)
  • Professionals (professionals of services and products)
  • Customers (end users of services and products)

All three groups have a common key of emphasis of the platform:
– Efficient and easy-to-use tools
– All-in-one-place
– Time-saving
– Money-saving

The 3Gloco platform will create a business ecosystem through the establishment of a high technology web-based network that will allow for a positive synergy among professionals of various activities and their customers. It will provide concrete improvements to work processes, lower operating costs, efficient and a more favorable implementation of marketing and sales programs, as well as offers with purchases.

The 3Gloco platform will enable faster communication, optimization of time involved and the generation of new potential customers. A key advantage will be appropriate and simple to use tools with which each professional or company will save time, money and effort. All that a professional needs in order to be able to effectively focus on his primary business activity.

The basis of the platform is the use of various tools that are interconnected, simply assembled and operate according to the principle of upgrading. Each professional will have access to various tools, depending on their needs; they will be divided into three groups: a basic package, a sales package and a VIP package or lease. Distributors will choose between the basic and advanced access. Similarly, customers can also be classified into different groups: unregistered, registered and super customers.