We all want to be able to do everything online these days. It saves time, money and our nerves. Making appointments for different services often puts us into a bad mood, especially because it is difficult to get hold of a professional on the phone, and even when we do, we still have to work out a suitable time that is suitable for both parties. On the other hand, we almost always interrupt the professional somewhere in the middle of his work, and then he has to take those extra few minutes for scheduling and coordinating, while still doing an additional 3 things simultaneously because of a lack of time. It also takes a while to synchronize appointments via e-mail, because the customer does not know when he is free, and the professional does not know when the customer has time.

Članek je na voljo tudi v slovenščini TUKAJ.

Although the trend is slowly being reversed in Slovenia, there are still only a handful of such professionals who offer online ordering and appointment reservation services. The 3Gloco platform will offer exactly this — fast online ordering and the reservation of appointments.

Health and beauty services, in particular, are those where making an appointment is necessary, as the professional can only handle as many customers as she has staff. These such services are those that we need on a regular basis, or at certain intervals, and thus form a part of the things we must take care of, on a monthly basis. Using an online ordering and booking program, customers always know when their professionals have free time available and are then able to make an appointment with just a few clicks.

For example, it often happens that people cancel their appointments with professionals at the last minute, which means lost profits for the professionals because they are not able to get new customers in such a short period of time who could fill that exact time slot. The function of fast online ordering and the booking of appointments allow customers to see these sudden free time slots, and in the event that they need a service as soon as possible, or perhaps have some time that day, both the client and the professional will be happy to fill the gap.