It’s time for us to reveal the third feature that we might have already talked about in a few of our recent posts. If you missed it, be sure to check out our Facebook profile, where we post on a daily basis, so you can see our latest updates. We’re talking about the Off Duty functionality, of course. You might be wondering, what that is? Well, let us explain…

Off Duty

Today, it is difficult to find an emergency service, a professional working on the weekend or a company available late at night. You may have an electrician, a plumber, or a car mechanic, but they are just people and do not normally work all weekends or on holidays. You, however, need their services, right now.

On the 3Gloco platform, with the established system, professionals can automatically identify those weekends when they want to be available to existing, and potentially to new customers. The service will cost a bit more, since it will, in most cases, be of an urgent nature, but customers will get their help, without the unnecessary hassle of looking for someone available to help them.

Let’s look at an example to highlight the functionalities best traits in a real life situation:

Sunday afternoon; you just put lunch on the table, ready to have a pleasant meal with your family. It has been raining the whole weekend, but you didn’t really think much of it, until just now. The wind is getting stronger and you have a feeling that something is not right, so you go and check at the back of the house, and unfortunately, you were right. The storm was so strong that it destroyed a part of your roof (which, if we’re being honest, needed to be replaced, but you had been putting it off for a while already). What now?

You need to replace the missing tiles, but of course you cannot do it yourself. Everyone else comes and starts to help with buckets, blankets and what not. Only your son seems to be on his phone again. You start to get frustrated, but ask him politely if he could help.

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