– access to a larger customer base (professionals)
– the ability to conduct marketing and advertising activities
– greater visibility among potential customers
– accepting enquiries through the platform
– ordering through the platform and using artificial intelligence for pooling orders to reduce transport routes and costs
– the possibility of implementing online store activities through the platform
– the optimization of logistics processes
– direct and simplified communication with customers, enabling the efficient and transparent closing of open orders and complaints
– the use of a multiple sending system of offers and e-mails to customers and potential customers
– the establishment of a system for the long-term planning of procurement and delivery on the basis of preliminary analyzes computed by artificial intelligence
– access to global customers – international visibility and access to larger and smaller customers

The 3Gloco platform enables the distributor to access more rapidly and efficiently a greater number of potential customers, our professionals, both in their own country and beyond, in Europe or in the world, once the platform goes live. It allows distributors to become global players, and at the same time access large and small players on the market, thus increasing their presence in the business environment.
3Gloco can provide distributors with direct access to their existing customers as well as generate new ones and provide information with respect to innovations and market movements in which they operate. The platform will also serve as a tool for receiving and processing existing and new enquiries. An important role will be played by artificial intelligence, not only in the way that ordering will be able to be carried out directly within the profile or using the tools of a particular distributor in a simple way, but in that the system will automatically distribute ordered products according to the most efficient implementation of transport routes (saving time, money and reducing the carbon footprint by reducing unnecessary travel).

Distributors will also be able to access an online store on the 3Gloco platform, which will be helpful to both to them and their customers, even offering quick ordering. But, because we are aware that the main goal of distributors is to have an effective, long-term ordering system, we will also take care of that. We will establish an efficient system for the long-term planning of orders and the supply of services each professional offers, based upon prior completed projects, analyzed and calculated using artificial intelligence.

3Gloco will allow distributors to communicate directly with customers on the platform. There will be a system where they will have everything in one place – unopened orders, orders in process, resolved orders, complaints … This will mean the end of searching for messages, e-mails and the recording of phone calls from a particular individual or organization – from now on, the distributor will be able to, in a controlled and simple manner, do that through the interface on the platform. He will know at any time how many orders are open, processed, resolved, and how to deal with complaints. This will also reduce the number of possible errors that occur due to miscommunication.

He uses the platform for the individualized targeting of marketing activities – meaning that he hits his target group, the customers with the highest potential, since they can carry out marketing activities on the two levels within the platform and their activities: classic advertising within the platform or the use of a mass messaging system in which he can present his offer, news or just notifications for customers. Within the platform, he can create a customer and a potential customer base, and according to the criteria, be appropriately targeted in marketing activities, carried out with simple and effective tools.

Optimization of sales

Because they are reaching a larger number of potential customers with our help, they will also be able to offer a better starting point with respect to their orders; that being higher discounts by increasing sales. Reducing costs leads to an improvement in the situation on the market, as well as the possibility of lower prices or higher rebates for professionals. It is essential that distributors thus have direct and facilitated access to local professionals, but they will still maintain their global flows, since the way of connecting with local, regional and international clients will be consequently simpler.