Why is blockchain technology important for the 3Gloco project?

Despite the hype that is going on with respect to blockchain technology, we are aware that it is still in its early stage of development. Also, the market is still in the phase of adopting technology that will change the world. In addition, we are also aware that blockchain will be the answer to the challenges of modern society of tomorrow in key areas such as decentralization, data security, transparency, and stability. Blockchain technology allows information to be verified and evaluated, and in particular, exchanged without relying on a third-party authority.

Our goal is to allow the professional to delve into their business activity and the industry and bring to the surface the possibilities that will enable them to bring their business and data management to a higher level with the help of blockchain technology.

According to experts, it will take three to five years for blockchain technology to be at a point when we can say that it is an optimal solution to today’s challenges. But the problem is not so much in the technology itself and in its development, but in the challenges posed by the establishment of common standards. And the sooner we start using it, the sooner we will get involved with a larger number of players and the industry, the sooner we’ll reach a higher level. It is time that not only the big players are those who will first start using new technologies and set up the rules adapted to them and their needs. Our mission is to enable “small players” to participate actively and adopt as well as co-create the practical aspects of the new technology that is achievable today, even more than we realize.

We believe that blockchain has great potential to become a new open standard protocol for sharing confidential data, identity verification and transaction exchange. Think carefully whether there really is an activity that does not need anything from it? Who does not process the personal information of their clients? Where is it not necessary to verify identity or exchange transactions?

Practical application

But it’s not just about what we need and when technology itself will come to life in full, it is primarily about what its long-term benefits are, where and how to bring them into day-to-day business as soon as possible.

So where do we see the advantages of blockchain in individual activities?

  • Blockchain within supply chains: The possibilities that blockchain offers for the supply chain is an important segment in our project. Given that the platform will virtually cover the whole supply chain in several activities, many areas are opening up where blockchain technology will allow a concrete leap forward.
  • Reducing potential conflict among clients: Transparency, which is one of the key benefits of using blockchain technology, will significantly reduce the potential of conflict between parties (distributor or professional or other parties).
  • Traceability and document exchange: This will be particularly important at a point where this technology will enable traceability and the efficient direct exchange of documents between supply chain members and so-called decentralized network. One of the areas where blockchain will ensure transparency is also the way from ordering to the claiming of the product. The system will be unified for all platform customers, who will be able to monitor professionals and orders more transparently than ever before.
  • Security and flexibility: Of course, blockchain technology will also greatly help us in providing the user with the most customized offers, as it will, in combination with artificial intelligence, enable efficient and secure profiling of the individual while at the same time enhancing security.
  • Guarantee: Finally, in one of the last milestones, we will also cross the border of ensuring guarantees, in the beginning for 3Gloco products, while later the goal of this kind of orientation is also wider. And what provides the greatest level of security to this kind of challenging task? To blockchain technology.
  • No delays in payments: Most importantly, with the help of blockchain technology, we will be able to enable the execution of the transaction from order to payment in accordance with agreed, pre-set criteria and timeframes.
  • Real-time payments: We will also be able to pay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year because of the modern methods. From now on, you will no longer need to wait for the bank’s working hours to pay for a service or purchase a product, as was necessary before. Your payment will be made in real time and without intermediaries.
  • Online ordering and the reservation of appointments: Another functionality where blockchain technology will prove to be important is online ordering and the reservation of appointments. Since it is very important that there is no system error, double bookings, and consequently dissatisfied customers, we will entrust this to blockchain technology.
  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI): With the help of blockchain technology and the development of artificial intelligence, we want to simplify the system for both professionals as well as for customers: forecasting algorithms, and simplified processes in the direction of identifying the best distribution options, are just the beginning.

And this is just a part of everything that will enable us to move forward into new realms. In the not too distant future, its functionalities will be supplemented and upgraded according to the requirements of each industry.